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Signs are popular across various industries, including retail, real estate, construction, production sites and event promotion, trade fair and exhibition design due to their durability and professional touch. They provide the ideal ambience for successful customer communication and their unique, consistent design conveys a tangible brand image to the customer.

The base of made of aluminium composite. Aluminium composite is the perfect material for producing of high-quality surfaces, easy processing and long service life.

Material thickness: 3 mm 

We stick printed vinyl with any of your designs on the base. If the sign will be placed outdoor, is is laminated to protect the vinyl from damage.

Minimal size: 5x9 cm.

Maximal size: 100x120 cm.

The price is calculated on the base of  total stickers area. You should just put the required size and quantity in the price calculator to get an offer. The courier has limits of maximal sizes which may differ from country to country.


File formats required for printing: PDF / EPS / AI / CDR / JPG / PNG
We recommend you to use PDF files for better results.

Size / scale: 1:1
Desired resolution for printing at least 300 dpi or higher.
Expand edges by 2 mm to all sides.
Do not place design element (text, images, logo) more than 3-5 mm from the edge.
The text must be converted to curves.
DO NOT leave the cropmarks in file.
File name example: "PRINTSOL_signs_10pcs.pdf" (do not use special characters in the file name).
Graphic design
If you do not have a design - we will create it for you, the price is from 25.00 € + VAT
Correction of the finished design will cost from 10.00 € + VAT

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