A paper calendar – desk, wall, and pocket – is a beautiful, cheap and, most importantly, useful gift. Customized calendars can be used for educational and business purposes, they can mark memory in the life of your family or your company, they can be decorated with personal photographs, or they can have an original design in a corporate style. You can also order calendars of non-standard format and design.


We offer the following types of calendars:

  • Wall calendar / loose-leaf calendar – consists of one or several sheets (most often there are 6 or 12), is mounted on the wall with the help of various devices, can be completed with a piccolo ring.
  • Quarterly calendar – one of the most popular types of wall calendars, allows you to simultaneously see three months, for example, past, current, and future. As a rule, the calendar comes with a piccolo ring and a moving cursor that marks the current day.
  • Calendar-house – a desk calendar, consists of a base for the manufacture of which a dense material is used, on which the sheets of the calendar are fixed with a spring. House calendars are a good for marketing and advertising, since there is a lot of free space on the sheets and the base.
  • Pocket calendar is one of the most common and functional souvenirs with excellent advertising potential. It can be both inexpensive and presentable – it all depends on the selected base material and the type of finishing.




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